Complete Guide On Playing The Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon go is a game that has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. So the players are playing this game with complete interest and enthusiasm. But in case if the players want to be experts in this game, then it will be best for them to learn about the complete game in detail and start playing it. So let us take an idea regarding the various things that a person must know while playing Pokemon go accounts for sale.

How do you add new friends to the game?

Making new friends in this game is an advisable option as it increases the ability of the players to play the game. While playing the pokemon go game, the question that arises in the mind of the players is how to add friends? Friends play the most crucial role in the player’s life while playing this game. In case if the player has various players around him, then it will help the players in playing the game in a better way. If you cannot add the new friends to the game, then it will be an advisable option for you to re-add the existing friends only.

The player will have to follow the simple steps in order to add the existing friends again:

  • Just make sure that first of all, you visit the profile
  • Then you will have to swipe the complete friend list in a proper manner
  • The third step is to pick up the friend from the list that has been opened on the screen.
  • Then just remove the specified friend for the time being
  • Then re-add the friend

This is the procedure; just re-add the friend by removing it from the account. But the player even has the option just to add the new friend. For this, he will have to search for the friends and then just add them.

How to skip the raid in pokemon go?

Complete guidance in the Pokemon go accounts for sale includes knowing how you can just skip the raid at a particular point of the time. In case if the player prefers to go from the lobby to the boss battle in the game, then it will take a lot of time either due to the slow speed of the player or the other reason can also be the slow network connection.

In this situation, the person can just use the simple steps following which the player will just shift from the lobby to the raid without wasting even a single minute:

  • First of all, the player will have to create an empty team
  • Then just join the raid
  • At this time, the player will just have to pick their empty team
  • Wit for the raid to start with the game
  • Pick the absolute team to play the game

Following this procedure and selecting the empty team will just kick you to the rejoining screen and will help the player to go to the place of the raid directly.

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